Veiled references, genuine background or even main motif: allusions to Antiquity feed, inspire and influence modern audiovisual productions in all genres. Classical culture has always played an undeniable role in the development of Western societies and has been for many years an important field of research, most especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. This field of research, generally referred to as “reception studies”, has recently piqued the interest of French scholars as well. Nevertheless, this interest seems limited in its scope, forsaking recent years in favor of the modern and contemporary periods. Furthermore, studies focusing on the most recent allusions and references to Antiquity in popular culture are generally dedicated to literature, comic books and pre‑2000 peplums – most films from the 2000s having been seldom addressed in research. This volume gathers the proceedings of the conference held in Lyon in May 2016, and focuses on references to Antiquity in very recent popu…

Source: Fabien Bièvre-Perrin

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